Playing Pai Gow Poker Online- Few Things to Understand

These days most of us are playing casino games online. It has become so easy to open a casino website, make a deposit, and play a hundred or two hands of pai gow poker. Here you will find out few things and understand this online game of Pa Gow Poker.

Let us first see the advantages to play games online.

The Promotions

Most of such casinos offer free bonus as you sign up for the first time. Mostly this applies to deposit bonuses. Just for creating an account and making a deposit, you can receive hundreds, even thousands of dollars in ‘free’ money.

 Casino Variety

You have the option and it is totally in your hand to quickly change the online according to your taste and choice. In fact, you can play at multiple casinos simultaneously.

Your Convenience

Playing online also is a convenience for you. Maybe land casinos are far from your place and may cost your conveyance and travel charge. So why not have a try at internet casino on a computer or any mobile device.

You Avoid Obnoxious People

While playing at these casino you don’t have to deal with drunks, smokers or people that smell. You get to avoid crowds and long lines, too.

Smaller Stakes

Internet casinos have a lower overhead than live casinos. As such, they’re able to offer limits as low as $1 (for table games). This is great if you’re on a limited bankroll.

 Disadvantages to Online Pai Gow Poker

No Banker Option

There is no option to become a banker at online Pai Gow Poker Game. And you would know that being the banker offers the best odds in the house.

Fewer Legit Casinos

Starting at these casino is easier than a land based casino. Due to the lower barrier to entry, it attracts fly by night crooks. If you’re not careful you may end up at a scam/fraud casino.

You Miss the Live  Experience

Live casinos deliver a type of experience that you cannot get online. Things like bright, flashing lights, cocktail waitresses, shows, free drinks, being social, and more.
The positives clearly outweigh the negatives. That said, online gaming is not for everyone. And for some, a mixture of both online and live action is preferred.

How to Choose a Casino

Picking a casino can be tricky because there are more scam casinos than legitimate ones. Doing your due diligence is a must, and will make or break your online experience.
Things to look for when playing at such casino

  • Licensing – A small barrier to entry, but a barrier nonetheless.
  • Deposit Options – The more options you have, the better. You should also consider deposit limits and payout times. Don’t forget the withdraw options, either.
  • Deposit Bonus – Is there a bonus? How much is it? Does the casino handicap bonuses earned by playing pai gow poker?
  • Reputation – Is the casino liked? Do other players feel safe playing there? Read reviews online about the casino for additional info/opinions.
  • Software – Do you like the way the software looks? Are the games fluid? Are they compatible with your preferred device(s)?
  • Australians – Do they accept Australian players? Are they a licensed, online Australian casino?

How to Make a Deposit Online

  • Making a deposit is simple.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Click cashier.
  • Choose your deposit option. These will depend on where you live, but may include credit cards, e-wallets, wires and money transfers.
  • Enter your details. For credit cards, this will be a number, expiration date and 3-digit code. For other options, this might be account number, money transfer reference numbers, etc.
  • Enter how much you want to deposit.
  • Click submit.
  • Your funds will be available within minutes (for most options). If you go the money transfer route, it might take a few hours to a couple of days.

Deposit Bonuses

A deposit bonus is an incentive to sign up and make a deposit. It is offered at most casinos.
The idea is that the casino matches your deposit, up to so many dollars. For example, a 100% match bonus up to $1,000 would mean that for every $1 you deposit, the casino will give you $1 in return.
But the money isn’t free – you have to earn it. You do this by playing real money games and earning points. After so many points the casino will release so much of your bonus.
One thing that is important to note – because pai gow poker is such a low house edge game, they will often handicap the points you earn. For example, a casino might state that all points earned from pai gow are only worth 10% points earned from playing poker. That means you will need to play 10x as much to earn the same bonus.
It’s important to keep this in mind, because most bonuses will have expiration dates. You want to be sure you can clear the bonus in time, or else you risk forfeiting whatever bonus money you can’t clear.