How to play 6 Card Fortune Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow

6 card fortune Pai Gow poker is another variation of Pai Gow. The object of 6 Card Fortune Pai Gow Poker is to beat the dealer. You and the dealer each get six cards to make two poker hands -a five-card high hand and a one-card low hand. The only rule for setting your hands is that your five-card hand must be higher than your one-card hand.

The dealer must set his hand according to the specified house way. Each of your hands will match up against the dealer’s corresponding hand. You must win both match ups to win and lose both match ups to lose. The house wins copies.

The exception is that if the player uses a joker in his low hand, it beats any dealer low hand. There is no commission on winning bets and there is no player banking

How to play 6 card Fortune Pai Gow Poker?

The game is played with a 53-card deck, including a joker that is used as an Ace or to complete a straight or flush. To play 6 card fortune Pai Gow Poker is the basic bet against the dealer which is important. Prior to receiving your cards you may also make the optional Fortune and Insurance wagers. Once you’ve received your cards and looked at the strength of the hand, you may place the optional Double Down wager.

You will receive your six cards and arrange them into a five-card “high” hand and a one-card “low” hand. After setting your hands, place them in the marked areas.

The dealer will then reveal his cards and set his hands according to the house way.

If you beat the dealer in both matchups, your main bet wins 1 to 1. If you lose both matchups to the dealer, your main bet loses. If you win one matchup and lose the other, your main bet pushes.

Fortune Bonus

The Fortune bet wins if you have three-of-a-kind or better, regardless of how you set your hand. You may also win “envy” bonuses if another player at the table has a full house or better.

6 card poker

You must bet at least $5 to qualify for envy bonuses. You cannot win envy bonuses on your hand or the dealer’s hand.

Double Down

Players may make a Double Down wager (by placing a wager equal to their original bet) on any hand, however the dealer must qualify with a pair of 8’s or better in order to win the Double Down. All Double Down wagers are returned if dealer does not qualify.


The Insurance wager wins if your best five-card hand is king-high or lower.

Rules of the game

  • To begin the game, the dealer presses the green button on the i-Deal. The LCD in the table will display a number, chosen randomly, between 1 and 7. This indicates which player position gets the first hand out of the shuffler. (As in pai gow poker, positioning can change from casino to casino).
  • The dealer will work counter-clockwise and deliver cards to each position, whether occupied or not.
  • The shuffler will then dispense packs of six cards.
  • The dealer, starting with the spot indicated by the LCD, works counter-clockwise to dispense hands to each player position and himself.
  • As in pai gow poker, each player spot—occupied or not—will get a hand.
  • Players now set their hands. The only rule for players is they must rank their hands in order. The high hand must be higher than the low hand. If a player does not follow that rule, his hand fouls and he automatically loses to the dealer.
  • Once players finish, the dealer reveals his cards and sets them according to the house way.
  • The dealer then compares each of his hands against the corresponding player hand.
  • The dealer then resolves Fortune bonus wagers. When he is done, he makes any and all envy payouts.
  • The dealer then resolves Insurance wagers.
  • You can play this game at any reputed casino over the internet.