What is Pai Gow Poker with Insurance and how to play Emperor’s Challenge Pai Gow

Pai Gow Insurance

The Pai Gow Insurance is a new version of Pai Gow Poker offered at casinos to play. You can even find such tables at Las Vegas casinos. Pai Gow Insurance is played exactly like Pai Gow Poker; however, there is an optional side-bet which pays out if a player is dealt a Pai Gow hand. The term “Pai Gow Hand” is a non ranking hand for high card only meaning no pairs, no straights, no flushes.

The payouts for Pai Gow Insurance are:

9 High Pai Gow – 100 to 1
10 High Pai Gow – 25 to 1
J High Pai Gow – 15 to 1
Q High Pai Gow – 7 to 1
K High Pai Gow – 5 to 1
A High Pai Gow – 3 to 1

Fortune Pai Gow

Many Pai Gow Insurance tables also offer the fortune side bet. This is a separate side-bet with the following pay-table:

Fortune Pai Gow Poker Bonus

Emperor’s Challenge Pai Gow

The introduction of the bonus wager added excitement to standard play by allowing players to make an additional wager on receiving a high ranking poker hand which instantly increases the win on Pai Gow Poker. Emperor’s Challenge maintains that feature and adds another player-optional proposition wager called Pai Gow Insurance; the player can “hedge” their bet by protecting against a poor hand.  Also Emperor’s Challenge is now commission free and the proposition wager offers multiple bonus awards for higher poker ranking hands.

The Pai Gow Insurance wager provides for awards that are paid when either the player or the dealer receive a hand without a pair or better. There are six winning combinations for hands that are no better than an Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10 or 9 high.

The Envy Bonus paytable awards players who bet $5 or more on the Treasure Bonus bet and is paid when other players receive qualifying hands.

How to play Emperor’s Challenge Pai Gow

Emperor challenge pai gow

An optional proposition bet that considers the best poker hand possible among the players seven cards. Bonus hands are awarded regardless of how the player sets their hand. If a player wagers $5 or more they qualify for the Envy bonus payouts. Players win the Envy bonus when another hand in play that is other than the dealers receives a four of a kind or higher.

A second optional proposition bet where players can wager on themselves or the dealer receiving a No Pair hand using all seven cards. Qualifying hands start at Ace high with the top award being a nine high Pai Gow. When a player receives the Joker, an Ace or Pair is required in the Low Hand in order to collect the winning hand and is 100% commission free.

If you wish to play it online then there are no reputable or safe options for playing Pai Gow with an insurance side bet online.