Guide to play Pai Gow from Betsoft

Guide to play Pai Gow from Betsoft

Pai Gow from Betsoft is the poker game created by Betsoft gaming company. You can play Pai Gow from Betsoft at any of the Betsoft powered online casinos like Uptown Casino. All you need is to join the online casino and after the formalities of opening your account at the casino online on your mobile or PC or tablet, you are ready to play Pai Gow from Betsoft.

You can play for free without spending any money or choose to play with real money if you want. Pai Gow poker game is often listed under poker games or other games at the online casino games lobby. You can play it instantly on your gaming device without any download.

Pai Gow from Betsoft

Pai Gow from Betsoft game table is crisp and clear, the rich wood accents set off the intricately designed dragon emblems on the table felt, and game play is smooth and effortless in a near-3D environment. This Asian inspired house banked poker game from BetSoft lets players make their own decisions, rather than simply pushing a “House Way” button to split their 7 cards into 5 and 2-card poker hands.

The table limits should please all players with a minimum bet of 1,.00 and max stake of 100.00 per hand. The house commission is set at just 5%, so a winning hand pays 1.95:1. Sound is easily toggled on or off, and a handy help file is just a click away for new players.

Instead of usual dominoes in Pai Gow, Betsoft game uses play cards. There are fifty-three playing cards packaged with a single joker. The joker itself sets in with action as an ace or to complete a straight, flush or at times straight flush.

On the game interface Pai Cow Poker soundtrack can be turned on and off. Plan to beat the Banker with the given high hands and walk away with an attractive bonus. Alternatively, play Pai Gow Poker for free on mobile phone with 14 hands consecutively. Before then, make sure you have ample bank role to clear the winning bets of other dealers. You can do this via a mobile device also.

play Pai Gow from Betsoft

Table Limits at Pai Gow from Betsoft

If you are playing Pai Gow from Betsoft with real money then there are certain betting limits. Bet at Pai Gow Poker for real money with a minimum of 1.00 and maximal 100.00 per hand. 5% represents the house commission hence a winning hand clears with 1.95:1. Before the round of cards begins, place a bonus bet and win if second cards complete close to five card straights. The winning happens before splitting the cards into two and five hands.

Play Pai Cow Poker for real money that comes with a winning combo of 1 to 1 your ante bet. Remember there’s a 5% withdrawal commission. Pai Cow Poker mobile-friendly game favours both the low and high rollers. Bet from as little as $1.00 to the maximum bet of $100.00 coupled with 97.15% RTP. Click ‘House Way’ and select the extra cards that are to be used in the second card hand.

Expect more frequent pays as you play Pai Gow Poker for free. Its low volatility feature makes it worth a ride. This incredible feature is only available for the online-based game unlike that of land-based version.

The game starts between you and the dealer. Create two different poker hands from the given seven cards. One high five card hand and low two card hand. Remember the top card amount must remain higher than the player’s value of the low hand. Five hand cards include: Five of a Kind, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight

On the other hand, the two cards have only two ranks thus One Pair on the High Card. Players winnings are governed by three outcomes as shown below:

  • If both of the player’s hands defeat the dealer, the players win
  • If one player’s hands beat the dealer, that’s a tie, and the ante bet is returned
  • If both of the dealer’s hands qualify, the player loses the ante bet

The goal of the game is to find an easy way where you can make two incredible poker hands than the one on display. This includes one hand that carries two cards while one hand that moves five cards simultaneously. Play Pai Gow Poker at casino online by simply selecting the number of chips to use, as soon as you get the cards: choose two leading to a weaker hand.

The next highest card wins once your previous completed card was a high card or with no pairs. If the player and the dealer have similar value hands, the dealer’s wins.