Guide to play Caribbean Beach Poker from Wazdan

Guide to play Caribbean Beach Poker from Wazdan

Caribbean Beach Poker is a classic poker with a hot twist from Wazdan Gaming.  Themed on a tropical island, Caribbean Beach Poker you’ll get the feeling that you’re playing this classic card game in a beachside casino where you can step outside to feel a warm breeze on your face and enjoy a sunny day. The animation with azure waves and palms trees that appears at the beginning of this game will surely catch your attention and leave you dreaming of summer.

The characteristic green table enhances the feeling of playing in a real land-based casino and traditional rules ensure everyone can enjoy this game – beginners and experienced players alike. So place your bets and play! Let’s see who gets a better hand – you or the dealer. Pay ante, the first part of the stake, and both you and the dealer are given five cards each. Choose Hit or Fold to continue the game and raise a stake when you’re sure you can beat the dealer. The lowest paying combination is One Pair. Royal Flush provides you with the biggest win as it pays 100:1! Caribbean Beach Poker will surely prove to be a source of fantastic entertainment so enjoy your time with this game, beat the dealer and relax on a sandy beach as you count your wins!

Where to play Caribbean Beach Poker?

Where to play Caribbean Beach Poker?

Caribbean Beach Poker is played at Wazdan powered online casinos like Bitstarz casino,; KingBilly casino; Emu casino; AUSlots casino and others.

All you need is to pick your gaming device be it PC or mobile and type the casino URL on your web or mobile browser and hit enter to access the casino instantly.

Register yourself and open your casino account by clicking Sign up or Join Now from the online casino homepage.

Make a friendly deposit of real $10 AUD if you wish to play the game in real time or play for fun without making any deposit.

Head to poker games and click on Caribbean Beach Poker to play the game.

How to play Caribbean Beach Poker?

The game will load at once on your gaming screen.

Now click to play now

After that place your bet which is minimum $5.00 to maximum $250 or even more up to $1000 to start playing.

You need to place the first part of the stake or the ante. You get 5 face-up cards, and the dealer gets 4 face-down and one face-up card.

You can choose to challenge the dealer straight away by placing additional raise bet equal to two antes or choose to change one to five cards which cost the same as one ante.

The card changing is available once per hand. After, you can choose to raise and see which hand wins, or fold if you have a bad hand and lose only your ante.

If the dealer holds AK or better, that means he qualifies and will pay you both for the raise and the ante if you beat his hand. If he does not qualify, he pays only the ante. The other bet is given back.

When playing Caribbean Beach poker for real money, you surely will enjoy the additional bonus payments. In this case, you will get whooping 100:1 for hitting a royal flush, 50:1 for a straight flush, 20:1 for four of a kind, 7:1 for a full house, 5:1 for a flush, 4:1 for a straight, 3:1 for three of a kind, 2:1 if you have two pairs and 1:1 both for one pair and high card.

So getting a Royal Flush and you can win upto X100 stake.

In the game also there is a gamble feature which allows your wins to be doubled