Eight Pai Gow poker tips that can help you win the game without any strategy

Pai Gow Poker Tips

Pai Gow Poker is such a game where players cannot do much in terms of making a good strategy to win the game. The main strategies based on the game play that can be used is to reduce the house edge. As this is not your usual game of poker this game requires good mathematical skills that will help make some good wins. So here are the eight Pai Gow Poker tips that can help you win without any game strategy.

  1. Know the game rules:– The most important thing is to know the rules. This is the number one tip for this game and all other casino games. If you do not know the rules how can you possibly hope to win the game. Therefore take time to go through the rules of Pai Gow Poker. When you know the rules you can use that knowledge to avoid unnecessary losses.
  2. Know the hand ratings:- You should know and understand the ratings of different poker hands. This will be essential in building Poker hands that will win. You will need to master the art of strategically splitting your cards into two hands. If you do this successfully you increase your odds of beating the house. A good way to improve your hand building skills is to play practice rounds in free mode before playing for real money.
  3. Create a well balanced hands:- You will need to learn how to create well balanced hands if you are to win. Better not to concentrate on building only one hand. Both the back and front hands have to be good in order to successfully challenge for a win.
  4. Reduce the house edge:– When you get two sets of pairs in you seven card hand, you will need to break them in a way to reduce the house edge. Each player will have a different way of doing this that is well suited to their style of play. So it is necessary to fully understand the value of different poker hands and this will ultimately be the deciding factor on whether you are winner or a loser.
  5. Play the highest ranking pair:- If you get three sets of pairs then you will need to play the highest ranking pair the front hand. However you only do this when your back hand is also strong. Should your back hand be poor, then put the high ranking pair in your back hand and place the highest value cards in your front hand. This tip should get you some wins for sure.
  6. Playing a full house:– Only play a full house in your back hand when you can create a strong front hand. Pai Gow poker is different from other variants of Poker that are available. A full house usually does not win the game for you; rather it can lead to you losing your front hand bet. Always keep this in mind when playing.
  7. Playing as the banker:- Do not pass up the opportunity to play as the Banker when you can afford it. The banker has the best odds to win on the table. This however requires you to have a big bankroll as you will need to cover the bets of everyone else on the table.
  8. Share the banker position:-Find a casino that allows you to share the banker position in order to reduce the risk on your bankroll. When playing as the banker you should always bet big every time you have a good hand since the odds would be in your favour. Never make large bets when not playing as the banker since you will not have a good advantage.

You can also understand how to bet the house way, know the complex hands, study the way the dealers arrange their cards in the particular casino you are playing in. Also know how the dealers arrange their hands and how it differs from one casino to the next. The dealers hand arrangements are standard and when confused give you a best way out though not the best hand arrangement.

With these eight best tips you can certainly hope to win Pai Gow Poker when playing at casinos.