What are the common mistakes to avoid when playing Pai Gow Poker?

Pai Gow

Pai Gow Poker like any other card game require a playing strategy and set of rules to follow. The professional Pai Gow players have their hands set on the game but for a newbie it is common to make few mistakes at the game. Because of few errors often such players lose and even minimize their winnings.  After all the hard work and spending time to increase the bankroll, players lose their heart when they see it falling down over the course of few hands mistakes.  Given that the house edge is a low 2.66%, this should not happen.  You must know about such mistakes and try to avoid them. While they may seem intuitive, they can quickly decimate your bankroll if you’re not wary.

The first mistake a lot of beginners or new players make is to forget how the joker works. The joker is a wildcard, which seduces novices into thinking it can be assigned any value. In reality, the joker always functions as an Ace unless it can complete a straight or flush. Be careful to avoid sabotaging your hands.

The next mistake that causes novices to stumble is to keep a full house intact. Splitting a full house seems counter intuitive, so many players keep it intact and split the remaining two cards. What usually happens is that they’ll win the 5-card hand and lose the 2-card hand, resulting in a push. In rare cases, they’ll lose both hands. If you have a full house, move the pair to your 2-card hand and keep the 3 of a kind in your 5-card hand. It’s the best strategy to manage the risk.

One of the most common mistakes in Pai Gow Poker is exclusive to land casinos. When you play the game in a land-based casino, you’ll be given the chance to play as the banker. A lot of players turn down the opportunity without realizing that banking increases your odds. You’ll win ties and the 5% commission paid to the house comes from your net winnings. If you have the chance, always bank.

What you should do to avoid such common mistakes is to practice Playing pai gow online at the reputed casinos. Most casinos that work over the internet offer free demos or practice session to enjoy. You need to make any deposit or spend any money but just few casinos may want you to register yourself at the casino and that is very simple process. All you need is to fill an online form with your particulars like your name, address, phone and email of contact.

So practice Pai Gow until you are perfect and then go for some real money Pai Gow whether online or land based casinos. Understanding the game perfectly you will have less chances of making such mistakes.