5 wonderful tips to ‘Pai Gow Poker’ that can make you win the game

Have you tried Pai Gow Poker? It is very interesting game to play at the casinos that work over the internet.  With so many of variations available at the casinos you will find that Pai Gow Poker is an exciting game with the goal to make the best 5-card hand 2-card hand using your 7 cards. The dealer will also have 7 cards. The dealer cards are dealt face down and you need to make your two hands without seeing his.

Here are the 5 wonderful tips to Pai Gow Poker that can make you win the game.

1. Avoid playing a Full House as your 5-card hand

When you are playing Pai Gow Poker with your friends you might not accept this tip because having a full house makes you pretty much unbeatable unless of course someone has a better hand than yours. But in Pai Gow Poker, avoid playing a Full House. That’s because while you might net a great 5-card hand, you’ll likely have a pretty lousy 2-card hand as a result.  Also without two winning hands, you won’t win any money.

2. In three pair play the highest pair separately

If you are dealing with three pair, take the largest pair of the hand and place it in front as your 2-card hand. While you might think that playing the highest pair as part of your 5-card hand, it’s actually smarter to boost the quality of your 2-card hand instead.

3. Always avoid bonus bets

Who doesn’t love bonus bets. It might be tempting to place a bonus bet if the land-based casino you’re playing at allows it. After all, in many cases you can win up to 8,000x your bet if you land on a straight or higher. The house knows this, which is why they set the payout so high. But the odds of actually hitting that hand are so infinitesimally low that by placing a bet, you’re basically handing the casino free money. They should be paying you, not the other way around.

4. Play bank whenever you can

Position is an important factor in a game of Pai Gow Poker, and you must try and use the position of the Bank whenever possible though carefully. This is because the Banker is required to cover the best of all the other players at the table; however, the odds for the Banker to win are more favourable than for any other player. Remember that you will have to have a good bankroll to keep this position. You can also try and find a table that lets two players share the banker position to help you with this.

5. Keep an eye on the ‘Ratio Between Banker’ to ‘Player Bets’

When playing as the Banker, you should try and bet big if you feels you have a good chance of winning with your hand. When you are not in the Banker position you should avoid placing large bets you do not hold the advantage. When the ratio between the Banker bets and yours is great, then the odds are better for the Banker.

Now when you play Pai Gow Poker next time remember these five amazing winning tips and apply in your game play for some outstanding wins.