10 tips to help you win the game of Pai Gow

Pai Gow Poker

At Paigowonline.com.au you must have been reading about various tips and strategies to play Pai Gow for some wins. These will surely help you reduce the house edge and help you understand the Pai Gow odds better. The main thing is to remember such tips often and keep them stored in your mind so that you can easily walk away as a winner after playing Pai Gow. Here sharing with you below 10 tips that will help you win the game and keep you positive.

1. Know the Pai Gow strategy

Pai gow has a house edge of 2.5 percent. However, you can knock that down to 1.5% with basic strategy, and .2 percent or less if you become the banker. Few casino games like blackjack can compete with those odds.

2. Avoid side bets

Like most casino game side bets, are there to entice you with illusions of winning large jackpots. However, the odds for most side bets are significantly worse than the house edge for the standard game. Side bets vary from one casino to the next. Here are some of the more popular bets you’ll come across.

  • In Fortune Pai Gow Poker, pays based on the value of all 7 cards. There is an Envy Bonus side bet that pays on 4 of a kind or better. This has a house edge of 7.77 percent.
  • When playing Fortune Progressive Pai Gow specially in Las Vegas which costs $1 and has no Envy Bonus payout. This returns at the rate of 48.45 percent.
  • For Jackpot Pai Gow Poker the bet has a house edge of 2.21 percent, which is relatively small.
  • In Emperor’s Challenge it has a house edge of 4.171 percent.
  • Going for Progressive Pai Gow Poker which has an additional $5 bet. This has a house edge of 11.54 percent, which decreases about 1 percent for every $10,000 in the meter.
  • Pai Gow Insurance specially in Las Vegas casinos this side bet wins if the player has a pai gow. The lower the highest card, the better it pays. This has a house edge of 7.35 percent.
  • In the game Pai Gow’d this has a house edge of 6.44 percent.
  • Again in Jokolor it pays if the player has a joker and/or all the cards of the same color. This has a house edge of 3.9 percent.

3. Be the Banker

Being the banker can reduce the house edge to .04 to 1.4 percent, depending on your strategy. The only caveat is that you need to have enough money to pay players. You can opt to co-bank with the house, too. Just know that if you do, you’ll have to set your hand the’house way’.

4. Claim a deposit bonus at internet casinos

Despite casinos handicapping pai gow poker towards completing bonuses, it is good to claim a deposit bonus. The reason being is that you push so often in pai gow, all the while earning points towards your bonus. You still might manage to walk away with some profit, even if it’s just from the deposit bonus.

5. Register at the casino offering VIP or comp points

When playing Pai Gow over the internet join a Casino with VIP / Comp Points  as you might not make much at pai gow – you might even take a loss. But when you factor in comp points and the ability to turn them in for cold hard cash, you might walk away a winner.

6. Practice Pai Gow for free

Many casinos offer free money to play and practice Pai Gow. This virtual credit money you can play and practice to learn the rules and basic strategies before putting up real money. Practice your strategies and compare to the ‘house way.’When in doubt, have your hand set the house way.

7. Never play a Full House

When you’re dealt a full house 3 of a kind + a pair, your first thought will be to place that as your back hand. Don’t do that. What will happen is you pushing the hand. What you want to do is place your pair up front and your 3 of a kind in the back. This will give you the highest chance of winning the hand.

8. Play at reputed and licensed casino

Now this very important as how much you win or earn from pai gow, bonuses or comp points mean nothing if you join a sketchy casino that cheats its players.

9. When won just quit

The best way to ensure that you walk away a winner is to actually quit playing while you’re ahead. Do not go for another game play because money earned might get loss due to your excitement or silly mistake.

10. Keep check on your bankroll

This is also very important as the above tip. Because you keep on losing your game of Pai Gow and again replaying your mistakes is also no wisdom. Keep eye on your bankroll and stick to that. Do not over go your money and make a stop somewhere.

All these 10 tips will somewhat help you win the game of Pai Gow if you follow it seriously.